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THE PEOPLE OF HAITI NEED YOUR HELP - Haiti Needs Heroes. Be A Haitian Hero Today!

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Hollywood Unites For Haiti is a non profit organization (501 c3) which was originally founded to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti. Since the catastrophic earthquake of 2010, this mission has widened to include a wide range of vital activities designed to rebuild this wounded nation in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Most recently, HUFH has focused on rebuilding a remote mountain schoolhouse that was destroyed in the earthquake, leaving over 100 students without a place to learn. Click here to see a recent update on the Cadet Primary School, now rebuilt and fully functional.

HUFH recognizes the unique opportunity that Hollywood has in raising awareness about Haiti.

HUFH founder Jimmy Jean-Louis says "Haiti has suffered many set backs in its rich history and yet the Haitian people have never lost the character to face adversity with creativity, resilience, and community."

So much needs to be done in Haiti. And you can help!

Please consider the Hollywood Unites for Haiti RELIEF FUND for your donations.

You may also donate at our sister site Haitian Hero.

Jimmy Jean-Louis



Why? How? What can I do?

An introduction to HUFH and its important mission
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05.19.12 -- Cannes Press Conference for HUFH Announced
04.01.12 -- New Video/Pictures: Primary School of Cadet
12.01.11 -- Primary School of Cadet: Cafeteria Is Operational
11.01.11 -- School and a Hot Meal
01.14.11 -- Primary School of Cadet is Completed
11.01.10 -- A Celebration of Outstanding People -- Awards
10.20.10 -- HUFH to Assist in Rebuilding Primary School of Cadet
09.17.10 -- Jimmy Jean-Louis Onstage at Peace One Day Concert
07.29.10 -- HUFH Founder Testifies To Congressional Panel
07.12.10 -- PADF Continues Rebuilding Shattered Lives In Haiti
06.15.10 -- Photos of HUFH-Supported School in Haiti
04.16.10 -- Jimmy Jean-Louis Introduces Pres. Clinton at Millenium Network Event
04.15.10 -- From Gerard Butler on Haiti; Still So Much To Be Done

2012 Hollywood Unites For Haiti