Our Mission

Hollywood Unites For Haiti is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti.


HUFH recognizes the unique opportunity that Hollywood has in raising awareness about Haiti.

HUFH founder Jimmy Jean-Louis says:

“Haiti has suffered many set backs in its rich history and yet the Haitian people have never lost the character to face adversity with creativity, resilience, and community.”

So much needs to be done in Haiti.

HUFH has chosen to focus its efforts on sports and culture to brighten the hearts and minds of kids and encourage them to build confidence, competence, and community whilst they learn invaluable life skills and citizenship.

They as the new generation will be the glue which strengthens their country, and yes they will have fun along the way!


HUFH will create sports and arts programs in areas where there are none.

HUFH will provide existing grassroots organizations already promoting sports and cultural activities with equipment, supplies and funds to accomplish their goals.

HUFH will endeavor to link these grassroots organizations so as to provide strength in numbers, and efficiency in teamwork.

With your help HUFH will establish a Boys and Girls club in Haiti where under one roof we can provide access to cultural and artistic activities (computer lab, artist/ photography/ music studio, etc) which will enhance vocational and professional skills.

What can I do?

HUFH is in need of financial assistance, sports equipment, computers, and art supplies. We do not have a big organization to support, so your donations go straight to the cause.

Sports equipment does not need to be new as long as it is in safe workable condition. Many teams throw away items that still have years of use left on them.

We are also gathering donations of art supplies, photography equipment, used computers, instruments, and other items that children can use to create artistic projects of their own.

To donate, please visit our contribution page.